Mediation is an important tool for resolving disputes.  In mediation, an impartial third-party helps the participants negotiate a resolution to a dispute or conflict.  Mediation allows the parties self-determination to shape the outcome of their dispute.
Mediation is an effective, affordable way to resolve disputes and avoid protracted litigation.  We aim to help parties maintain control when faced with conflict by resolving their differences outside of the courtroom, and with our assistance as trained mediators.  We help clients avoid the psychological and financial strain involved with lengthy adversarial proceedings.
We are passionate about peacemaking, and believe this is the most vital function we serve.  Whether the conflict you face is in your home, work, business, or church--we want to help you resolve your differences reasonably without spending time and money needlessly.

Domestic and Elder LawIf you are dealing with a divorce, custody proceeding, or elder care issue, mediation is the best choice you can make.  Rather than having a judge in a courtroom make intimate and crucial decisions for you and your loved ones, your family can make these choices together through mediation. 

Civil.  Disputes are unavoidable.  Some of these disputes can become lengthy lawsuits, or they can be resolved as amicably as possible through negotiation.  If you are considering filing a lawsuit, or proceeding with a lawsuit, consider whether there is a better way.  As trained mediators, we can work with you to reach an equitable, and much less costly, solution.

Religious OrganizationsChurches are often a haven from conflict for individuals and families.  It is imperative that this respite be preserved for the communities churches serve.  We have particular insight into the dynamics of conflict within the church, including seminary training and many years of experience within various denominations.  This unique expertise equips us with the understanding to facilitate dispute resolution for church organizations whether the dispute involves church leadership, church members or staff members.